Backing up your photographs

Backing up your photos is one of the most important things to consider if you enjoy photography and want to be able to look back in ten years time at your family holiday and your kids growing up.

The choices of how to do so are numerous and can be bewildering.

Noodle Photography‘s guide to backing up should help you get the process started.

  1. From your DLSR or other main camera. Make sure you have an external hard drive with all your photos on it. If you have tens of thousands of photos you may need more than one. A portable 1tb hard drive costs around SGD100 and can be found in all the usual outlets (Harvey Norman, Challenger, Best Denki etc).
  2. As and when you have more than one hard drive full of photos, remember to label it with the year or years it has inside. It makes it much easier to find after five years.
  3. Back up this hard drive up to another hard drive. Now you have two copies. When one fails (and it will at some point) you don’t have a disaster on your hands and you still have instant access to all those precious images. To be on the safe side you could keep this copy in another location (at work for example) and bring it home to back up each week.
  4. When it does fail, make another back up.
  5. Don’t rely on your memory for what you have copied and what you haven’t, use some cloning software to copy your drives. Mac users can use Carbon Cloner and Windows users Paragon. Both are cheap pieces of software but save you priceless time and effort when backing up.
  6. Upload photos to the Cloud. This is an extra option, NOT, instead of the hard drives. Many of us already have the ability to upload directly from our phones via Apple, Android or numerous other providers. Make sure you switch on the cloud auto upload option on your phones and iPads to take advantage of this. That way the next time your three year old decides to see if your phone floats, you won’t lose all those photos you just took of them two hours ago.
  7. The various Cloud options are changing all the time but the main players are still Dropbox, Google, Apple and more recently Amazon (there are many others too which you can check out here). The reason we are drawn to Dropbox, Google and Apple is that we often get free space with them as a bonus for buying the hardware. So use it! Pricing is quite expensive for Dropbox (for extra storage) but Google and Apple are very reasonable. Amazon, however, may be about to bust the market wide open with their apparent ultra deal of unlimited photo storage for just USD12 per year. This seems extraordinary to us so it will be interesting to see how it affects the market in the near future.

This is a quick guide and of course if you have any questions you can contact us on

Just get started and don’t regret putting off backing up your photographic history!

Noodle Photography offers photo lessons, Lightroom and Photoshop lessons, corporate events shoots and family shoots.

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