Photographing Singapore – Japanese Cemetery Park

Noodle Photography is always on the look out for the less obvious places to photograph and the Japanese Cemetery Park certainly comes in to that category. It was brought to our attention by one of our students who was keen to shoot there. She was a good judge of location as this was a great find and you can read her blog post about it here. Given the history of Singapore, many people are surprised to find a cemetery specifically for departed Japanese but here it is, just backed of the Yio Chu Kang Rd. Under constant up-keep, the cemetery is very well groomed and a delight to photograph. It is made (as many cemeteries are) for black and white photography. Many of the tomb ‘stones’ are made of well weathered wood giving an organic look to the otherwise stoney scenery.


The peaceful setting is befitting of a cemetery and we found that this to appear in our images after we had wandered in it’s serenity for some time.


Melancholy images are never far away either and some of the inscriptions on the tombs and graves are a sombre reminder of yesteryear. All in all a great to come for photography but also reflection.

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