Photographing Singapore – Orchard Rd

In the first of a short series we go exploring places in Singapore to photograph other than just the standard fare of the Merlion, Marina Bay Sands and Sentosa. Sure, great places, great images. But why photograph them if you can just Google them? Wouldn’t you rather make some slightly different photos?

So today we will be travelling to Orchard Rd. Why would I go there for photos that I can’t Google, you might ask? Well, it’s all about where you take the photo from. A different angle on proceedings often throws up an interesting alternative to something you’ve seen a thousand times before. As you head up and in to Orchard Central there are flights and flights of escalators. Now, elevation is always an attractive proposition to a photographer and this is no exception. Named as Singapore’s tallest mall, this is one that you can get pretty much to the top of and survey the surrounding area. But before you get to the top, try looking back on yourself as you head up the escalator. They make a pretty good shot themselves being, even for Singapore (the escalator city), pretty darn long.


You will also see Emerald Hill with the thin strip of orange rooftops set amongst the white and grey of the modern buildings. Keep heading on up and as the elevation rises so do the views above the city. Once at the top you will find yourself in a veritable oasis of peace and quiet. There is never normally too many souls up there and there is plenty to take photographs of. Whether it is the floating wire men against the azure sky, giant flowers or the views across the Istana from one side or Chinatown from the other, there is definitely enough to satisfy your lens to justify the journey. Of course, if you would like some help discovering these hidden gems, just contact or head over to Noodle Photography and we will be happy to guide you somewhere new.

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